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" Thanks to Tony Bouma and Dennis Ryckman for fighting the good fight and creating some great content! " - Bryan Tuk - Pro Drummer, Entertainment Lawyer, CEO Allentown Jazz Festival, Public Speaker

" I think it is really great that you guys have interviews [with] such a wide range of people and provide a well rounded perspective of drumming. I mean, your first episode was with a bassist, you've also had a physiotherapist, all kinds of percussionists, wives, Dave Rundle inventions, store owners! And you are Canadian! I would like to give a personal and large THANK-YOU for what you do, your contribution. " - Max Senitt - Pro Dummer, Percussionist, Drum Instructor, Columnist

" I think what you guys are dong with this show is phenomenal. Keep it up, don't pull up on the gas pedal. I think it is amazing what you guys are doing. " - Jim McCormick - Pro Drummer, Proprietor of

" The Podcast Is Climbing! - Dennis and Tony know their stuff, the guests are growing, the buzz is growing, the episodes are growing, great banter, question and professionalism, top noth, well done " - Dickswift - Listener/Reviewer

" I Love This Show!!! - These guys are witty and professional. The information is relevant and interesting. " - NikkiMay89 - Listener/Reviewer

" Infotainment For Drummers At Any Level - Aimed at semi-pro and club drummers, this podcast contains nuggets of valuable information for musicians at any level. They haven't hadany big name drummers on the show, but I've sill managed to learn a lot, and there are always a few funny moments (both intentional and unintentional) per show. " - Canadian Drummerboy - Listener/Reviewer

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