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Both Sides Of The Kit
As the name implies, Both Sides of the Kit is a podcast that explores drumming from multiple perspectives. Issues surrounding drums and drummers will be approached through casual and informative interviews.

Our guests will certainly include a wide variety of drummers, but we will also talk to bar owners, booking agents, legal and medical professionals, other musicians, and anyone else who influences drummers...or is influenced by them!

Our goal is to talk to people who can give us insight into the “drumming lifestyle”, and share their answers and opinions with you.

Tony B.
Tony Bouma Tony Bouma (“Tony B.”) is a drummer, martial artist and painter living in Southwestern Ontario. In his 24-plus years behind the kit, he has backed numerous rock, blues and country acts on a local and regional level.

Although primarily a “rock guy”, his taste in music is wide-ranging and open. His list of favourite drummers is long and constantly changing.

Working at a very demanding day job limits Tony's ability to play as often as he would like. Needing to find another outlet for his drumming muse, he coerced his friend Dennis into starting a drumming-related podcast!

A perennial student, it is Tony's hope that “Both Sides of the Kit” will provide information and inspiration to drummers of all ages and skill levels.
Dennis Ryckman
Dennis Ryckman Dennis Ryckman has been a recording engineer and music producer for almost 25 years. He has been a guitarist, singer and songwriter for over 30 years, performing professionally over the last 18.

Dennis is a student of Medieval Martial Arts, likes everything about airplanes and flying, and dabbles in website development.

Dennis recently released a Country / Rock album called Hard Country, and is currently working on an Orchestral Metal project, and, of course, the BSOTK Podcast. Visit Dennis Ryckman's website

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