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Episode 26 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» Tony and Dennis revisit their favourite moments from the second half of Season 1.

Episode 25 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» Tony and Dennis revisit their favourite moments from the first 12 episodes of Season 1.

Episode 24 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» In this episode, Tony speaks with two guests, Guitarist and Producer Scott Szeryk, and Drummer and Music Director for Wayne Newton, Marc Atkinson. They fill us in on the projects they are currently working on together, and on our Music Feature, Marc allows us to preview a rough demo of a song from his upcoming album called Splatt.

Episode 22 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» We'd paid a visit to Just Drums in Toronto to talk wiwth Ryan Hamilton, while they were celebrating their 30th Anniversary, and we find out about their new web-presence and online community. We drooled over all the awesome drum gear and heard some great stories. On our Music Feature we have a song from Just Drums staffer Grant Scott's band GirL.

Episode 21 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» We travelled to the Kitchener / Waterloo Long & McQuade store for the Mark Kelso Drum Clinic. We spoke with Darren McClelland and got some updates on upcoming clinics they are hosting. We also visited the 2014 St. Thomas Drum Fest, put on by Renato Belusic of The Drum Studio. We also have TWO Music Features, the first a song from the band Ivory Hours, and the second by the band GirL featuring Grant Scott of Just Drums.

Episode 20 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» In this instalment, we talk with Dave Rundle of Headhunters Drumsticks. We get a tour of the manufacturing facility, and the inside scoop on some of the newest products they're producing.

Episode 19 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» We meet with the Significant Others of the Season 1 Round Table guests, for an episode we are calling the 'Better Half Of The Kit'. We'll find out what's it's like to live with a drummer, how their spouses' vocation affects them, and if all those stereotypes about drummers are really true!

Episode 18 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» Karl Sloman visits Tony and Dennis at Studio B to discuss his drumming, teaching, philosophies and experiences. He give us the inside scoop on his part in the documentary 'Walk The Walk', where he had a chance to meet with the band Rush, and tells us about his book The Coordination Code.

Episode 17 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» Tony and Dennis get a visit at Studio B from Dale Penney, a prominent South-Western Ontario Professional drummer, performing with such acts as Nail, Doug Varty, and a whole host of other artists. Originally hailing from 'The Rock', Dale was brought up in a musical family where everyone played something. We get the low-down on how Dale sees the world, and he gives us his thoughts on how he feels about double kick pedals!

Episode 16 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» Tony and Dennis visit AJ Marsh, of the bands Backline Revival and Thunder Bitchin', at his studio, to talk about recording and producing drums, performing live, and the musical heros that have inspired him.

Episode 15 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» Tony and Dennis sit down with Dale Anne Brendon, Pro Drummer and Classical Percussionist, to discuss similarities and differences between band gigs and classical shows, her views on being a female drummer in a male dominated profession, Dale Anne's musical education, and working with top performers such as Roger Hodgeson and Pete Townsend.

Episode 14 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» BSOTK Drummers' Round Table - Episode of Epic Proportions! Tony and the Roundtable members discuss John Henry Bonham, endorsements, getting fired from gigs, and gear, as well as great stories and general Tom-foolery. Featured are Episode 9 & 10 guest Glen 'Archie' Gamble, Episode 3 guest Jim McCormick, Dale Penney of Nail and The Doug Vartey Band, and AJ Marsh from Backline Revival and Thunder Bitchin'.

Episode 13 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» Tony and Dennis speak with Johnny Wilson, singer and Bodhran player for the Celtic band, The Shenanigans.

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Episode 12 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» Chris Streib from Talbot Trail Physiotherapy will talk to us about all the scary things that drumming can do to our bodies...and how to avoid and treat them. Carpal Tunnel, tendonitis and strains, oh my!
» On our Music Feature, we'll hear the song Sands Of Sahara from Scott Szeryk's album Guitar Manifesto.

Episode 11 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» Our guest will be pro drummer Rob McEachern. We'll talk about his interesting career, and get all the info on his business and the products he's manufacturing, including Cool Claws.

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Episodes 10, Archie Gamble Part Deux! - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» We sat down with Glen 'Archie' Gamble, career pro drummer, and time keeper for numerous high profile acts.
» We find out about musician endorsements, and Archie's view on and experience with the music business.

Episodes 9, Archie Gamble Part Uno! - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» We sat down with Glen 'Archie' Gamble, career pro drummer, and time keeper for numerous high profile acts.
» We talk to Archie about experiences from his drum beginnings to the present, and are treated to some great road anecdotes from his touring days.

Episode 8 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» We travel to Woodstock, Ontario to visit with Terry Wright of Drummer's Haven.
» Terry is a hobbyist drummer and drum enthusiast who collects, trades and sells drums, cymbals and hardware from his private collection via his website (search Drummer's Haven on, Woodstock).
» We hear from Derek Babanin, drummer for the band Snakebite, about their radio success with the song All Night Long, and we debut their next single, My Road, on our Music Feature.

Episode 7 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» We visit with Drummer Kevin Dermo, who performs and records on both acoustic and electronic drums.
» We talk about the similarities and difference between the two types of kits, and how he chooses which to use in what situations.
» On our Music Feature we'll hear a track from Kevin's band, County Road 45.

Episode 6 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» We travel to the studio at Guitarzan Productions and Szerky Guitar Academy to talk with Producer/Engineer, Guitar Instructor, Performing Musician and Guitarist Extraordinaire, Scott Szeryk.
» We discuss drum recording, and the intricacies of drums on the road touring Scott's live show Guitar Manifesto.

Episode 5 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» We visit with Greg Wier, drummer and hand percussionist.
» We'll discuss the differences and similarities between performing on drums and hand percussion.
» Greg's tells us about his drumming related injuries and how he has managed to play through them.
» Episode 2 guest, Darren McClelland, returns via Skype to share a report on the 2013 Montreal Drum Fest.
» On our Music Feature, we'll hear a track from the band Backline Revival.

Episode 4 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» An update from drummer Derek Babanin, who took the plunge and went “pro” earlier this year.
» We will talk about life without a day job, drumming and singing.
» We'll also hear the latest track from his band Snake Bite.

Episode 3 - Listen (Right Click To Download)
» Our guest will be Jim McCormick.
» Jim is a professional drummer, and leader of the classic rock band Bender.
» Jim is also the founder and driving force behind, a South-Western Ontario networking organisation for 'All Things Music'.

Episode 2 - Listen
» Our guest is drummer extraordinare, drum instructor, and music retailer, Darren McClelland, from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
» We dig deep into his brain and pull out information on a variety of drummer related topics.
» Meeting Steve Gadd and teaching corporate workshops are just a couple of the things Darren talks about.
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Episode 1 - Listen
» Our guest is Ryan Cruikshank, journeyman bassist and all around great guy. We discuss the relationship between bassists and their drummers.
» We have some updates on upcoming episodes of BSOTK.
» We get to hear a track from one of Ryan Cruikshank's music projects, The Crystal Kage.
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